Bring focus to your project, problem, or plan and gain the power to move forward.

THA Advisory Services, LLC (THA) provides that focus through its consulting services to developers, lenders, investors, businesses, and government agencies in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Region.

Why use THA? Perspectives and Process

THA offers a complete range of perspectives and process experience in the execution of real estate transactions. Over the last 20 years THA personnel have executed deals as the buyer/investor, lender, developer, builder, property manager, and investment advisor. This breadth of experience provides THA with a unique ability to provide cross-disciplinary insight on how all the parties involved in a transaction may value, negotiate, or influence a deal whether they are a lender, developer, investor, or a seller. Understanding the motivations and processes of these stakeholders and being able to evaluate their position is critical to successfully completing a transaction.


The THA principals not only bring this cross-disciplinary experience but have also sharpened their business management, project management, and financial acumen in a way that allows them to formulate and refine the questions that will provide the best set of answers for the problems and projects that are presented. Thoughtful, creative, and disciplined analysis combined with professional and clear presentation materials provides clients with the information, analytics, and recommendations needed to assess risk and reward, define and make decisions, plan, and explore new opportunities and ideas. Along with providing this experience and work-ethic the THA principals make these pledges to their clients:

  1. THA will provide Trust, Talent, and Tenacity to the client and to the engagement, and
  2. THA will cultivate the client’s Treasure, Talent, and Time by working to enhance the client’s Treasure, supplement and leverage the client’s Talent, and by respecting and minimizing the use of the client’s Time.